Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dr. Solomons located?
Our rooms are located in the Melrose North Medical & Dental Centre, Suite A.
This centre is situated at 82 Corlett Drive, Melrose North, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa..
How can I make an appointment?
You may reach our rooms at (+27) 011 788 5112 between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, to make a suitable appointment for you.
How much will treatment cost?
The cost of prosthodontic treatment is invariably part of multi-disciplinary rehabilitative treatment, hence costs vary depending on your needs. After Dr. Solomons has examined you and determined the appropriate treatment, often planned in conjunction with Periodontal or Surgical treatment by another specialist, she can provide you with an estimate of the cost.
What can I expect when I visit Dr. Solomons?
During the first consultation, a thorough medical and dental history is taken, followed by a clinical examination which may require up to one hour. A recent, acceptable complete X-ray survey as well as digital oral and facial photohraphs are almost always required.
If your current dental problem list involve more than just restorative needs on your teeth or if you are considering implants, there will be a need for referral to a Periodontist or Maxillo-facial and Oral surgeon.
From the information obtained, Dr. Solomons will make a diagnosis followed by exploring various treatment options. Multi-disciplinary discussions with the surgical colleagues will also be necessary before the decision can be made as to what the most appropriate course of action will be, especially taking into consideration financial feasibility and your acceptance of the proposed treatment plan. You may also negotiate for assistance with a suitable motivation to your Health Care Funder / Medical aid as and when necessary.
How is a patient referred to Dr. Solomons?
While many patients are referred to us by their general dentist or their surgeon, it is not uncommon for you to be referred by a friend or family member whom we may have treated in our practice. We welcome our patients giving us the compliment of referring families and friends to us.
The confidence entrusted in our commitment and professional service keeps us on our toes to sustain a spirit of excellence and accountability.
How long have you been a specialist for?
For the past 24 years
What is your most performed procedure?
Complete oral rehabilitation
What are your interests in the dentistry field?
All aspects of the specialty are equally stimulating, from restoring health, to constructing prostheses to ensure optimal functions of chewing and good oral health related quality of life. We change lives by changing smiles.
What other aesthetic procedures are done in your practice?
Tooth Whitening Procedures, Veneers, Replacement of missing teeth with Natural looking dentures or crown-and-bridgework or implant prostheses.